Read This Before You Buy Another Piece of Software or Course…

before you buy another software

Before I got into email/affiliate marketing, I bought at least 50 software products from JVZoo, WarriorPlus and the most recent JVShare (Now PayDotCom).

Were they all great products? Of course not.

Was there any good product among them? You bet!

Now pay very close attention, because this will save you a lot of money.

Look, if you’re like every other small business owner or aspiring online entrepreneur, you will agree it can be quite confusing to pick from the varied product launches every day.

Product A promises to hand you millions of ‘free buyer traffic in only few clicks’. Product B promises you ‘easy Hollywood standard, state-of-the art videos at a click of a button’, and on and on…

If you’ve fallen for those words before, welcome aboard my friend 🙂

Now, you may have gotten more software products or courses than I have, but here are the few lessons I learnt that I think will help you better make informed decisions on the best software products to go for.

Lesson 1 – Don’t take their word for it – no software is as easy and bug-free as portrayed in the demo videos and sales pages.

One common thing with affiliates and vendors is that, they give bogus promises in a bid to draw you in. Is this a healthy practice? Maybe, for marketing purposes, but be careful.

Here’s what I think:

If a promo email says a piece of software is too easy to use and can make me huge amounts of money ‘at a click of a button’, almost instantly, it’s a red flag.

My question now becomes, “if that was true, why would the vendor want to sell out his secret money-spilling weapon to the entire world?” Think about it.

Here’s the simple truth my friendno money is easy money, and no software can ‘make you money at a click of a button’.  That’s some BS!

Miss this and you’d have a hard drive filled with apps and pieces of software you’d never use.

Lesson 2 – If you must buy the OTOs before you enjoy the software, then don’t!

One of the many tactics used by marketers is to literally force you to buy their OTOs, because, of course, that means more money in their pocket.

Now listen, one way to know the vendor doesn’t have your best interest at heart is this – he’d make the OTOs look like the major product and the FE product look like a demo.

Truth is, OTOs (One Time Offers) are only meant to be complementary to the FE (Front End) product.

If you notice otherwise, RUN!

Now, how do you know there are OTOs?

A good affiliate will mention the OTOs in their emails or on their review sites. This is important because these details will make you take informed decisions while purchasing the software, including the OTOs if you feel you need it.

Lesson 3 – If there is no training program included, then you are probably buying what you’d never understand or use.

By training program, I mean a video training guide that breaks down how to use the software or tool from start to finish. Not an FAQ-styled walk-through.

This is logical enough, but I wonder why some vendors still won’t pay attention to this. It easily shows the vendor doesn’t care if you use it or not; all he wants is your money.

This is always stated on the sales pages of such products; that it includes a step by step video training so you know you’re buying something you can quickly learn and put to good use – immediately.


I leant the above lessons the hard way, but I don’t want you to go through the same painful process.

This is why I personally recommend only products that will truly help you grow your business and make you more money in the process.

Remember; before you buy another software product, keep the above in mind and do your due diligence.


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1 Comment
  • Shrin Sharma Sep 11,2019 at 9:17 am

    Very true Michael! I can resonate 100% with what you write here. I believe there are many others too who have fallen into the “buy first, trust later” malaise and then repented. Hoping this article will open some newbie eyes.

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