This Quote Will Change Your Business FOREVER!


Hey Smart One,

Today, I want to share with you a quote that changed how I do business forever.

It was a cool Saturday morning. I was on a Skype call with my partner, Michael, discussing what delivering REAL VALUE means in business, and he told me something I will never forget.He said, “Tim, value to your customer is never about how much they spend. It is how much they get for their money“.

Wait! Read that again.

It didn’t kick in immediately, but when it did, I had my first aha! moment in a while.

Michael was right. Because when you think about it personally, value is never about how much you spend, but how much you get for your money.

For instance, there are several affiliate marketers and vendors recommending loads of products to you everyday to buy.

But here’s what happens in your mind; you ask yourself, who among these affiliates is giving me the most value for my money?

Perhaps you’d start going through the bonuses and the subsequent support you get, and eventually, you’d go with the one you feel provides you more value.

The price of the product did not change. And of course, they could all be promoting the same product, but you picked one that you feel is giving you the most value.

Now, think about this and relate it to your own business, then ask yourself this personal question – how much value I’m I providing my clients/customers?

Are your potential customers buying the same product from another vendor or seller? What do you think they’re doing differently?

It’s all in the VALUE!

I want you to give this some more thought my friend.

Remain awesome!

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