The Four Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make When Buying Traffic

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One of the main reasons people buy traffic is that they get quick access to as many eyeballs as soon as possible. They don’t have to wait. They don’t have to have special skills. They just need to go to the right place, fill out the form, pay, and they get the traffic.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds…

This is how most people think. They think it’s like ordering a pizza.

For instance, If you feel like eating a Hawaiian style pizza, you pick up the phone, you say Hawaiian style pizza and within minutes, you have yourself a hot steaming pie.

This is not the case with traffic. There’s a lot of things that has to be in place before you buy, during your purchase, and after your purchase for you to get a positive return on investment on your money. Otherwise, you can kiss all your marketing budget goodbye because all that bought and paid-for traffic is probably not going to improve your conversions all that much.


You committed one or more of the four most common mistakes marketers make when buying traffic.

Common Mistake #1: No Niche Targeting

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I come across offers that tell me that the seller has all this traffic for a ridiculously low price. If you come across such an offer, the first question that you must think of must be the simple word “why”. Really, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Think about it. If somebody has access to all that traffic, wouldn’t they be selling their own stuff? Wouldn’t they be pushing all sorts of affiliate offers? At the very least, they lack confidence in the quality of their traffic or they just simply can’t convert it.

This should be a red flag in your mind because chances are, they might not be niche-targeting for that traffic. Let me clue you in on a secret. A lot of the cheap traffic packages being sold on the internet are generated through dead domains. These are domains or sites that used to be active and when the person or company behind the site decided not to renew their domain registration, that domain was bought by somebody else.

Since the previous owners put in a lot of work to drive traffic, that domain still gets traffic. That’s awesome but the problem is that traffic might not fit your niche. Do you see the problem here? I can pump a million hits of people looking for blue-eyed cats to my sales page each and every day, all day every day. But if I’m selling left-handed monkey wrenches on my sales page, I probably won’t convert the vast majority of that traffic. In fact, my conversion rate would probably be close to zero. Do you see the problem here? Do you see the very common mistake?

Common Mistake #2: They Buy a Big Batch Immediately

I have to plead guilty to this. The first time I spent a really big money and I’m talking about more than 800 dollars on an online ad buy is on a forum. I noticed that a lot of traffic to my website was coming from some sort of forum. So, I clicked the link and I found myself in a forum and I saw that they were running ads. So, stupid me, I asked the administrator how much an ad spot cost and he told me it was 800 bucks. So, I went to PayPal and sent 800 bucks.

My grand conversion rate from that ad campaign was a big fat zero. It turned out that the reason why I was getting so much hits from that site was not because that site featured a link of mine but they were using an image that was hosted on my server. Given that background, there was no way I was going to convert that traffic and there was no way I was going to benefit from that.

My big sin here was I jumped in with both feet. I would have saved myself a tremendous amount of grief and yes, a loss of 800 big ones, if I had bought a small batch. During my negotiations with the website administrator, they were willing to give me a 50-dollar test buy. I should have taken their offer because if I did that, I would have quickly found out that their traffic doesn’t convert.

Common Mistake #3: Post Only Ads with No Educational Element

How may times have you seen ads that just showed a picture and nothing else? Well, unless the picture is very, very explicit and very targeted, chances are people wouldn’t know how to make heads or tails of that picture. If people are confused, they can be counted on to do one thing each and every time: do nothing. That’s how it works. Post confusing stuff, you’re not going to get the action that you’re looking for.

You have to educate people with your advertising materials. There has to be enough clues there as to let people self-select and self-segregate in terms of interest. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. It’s anybody’s guess who will click on your ad and who will see your offer. If they are not truly interested in your niche, you can bet that they probably are not going to buy.

Common Mistake #4: Dumping Traffic to Your Main Page

A lot of people buy all sorts of traffic from all sorts of sources and they all dump it in one central location. Usually, this is the homepage. This is a serious mistake. You have to understand that people need to be educated as to what to do. They also have to be qualified in terms of their interests and niche focus.

None of that is happening if you’re just buying up all this traffic and dumping it on to your main page. The main page will appear generic and it’s not probably going to do a good job speaking to the specific needs of people who find themselves on your page. This is why a lot of expert marketers come up with specially-created landing pages that tightly fit the traffic sources they’re pulling traffic from.


Keep these four most common mistakes in mind if you want to make money when buying traffic. Since you are paying hard-earned dollars for traffic, you cannot be lazy. You have to do due diligence before, during and after your purchase. Otherwise, you’re probably going to have very little to show for all that hard-earned cash you spent on your campaign.

Don’t become another statistic. Be mindful of the mistakes I covered above so you can adjust your campaign accordingly.

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